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    Introduction Sikho Sindhi Boli

    Dear Sindhi Brothers, Sisters, Children and Elders.  I welcome you on this page Sikho Sindhi Boli.  

    It gives me great pleasure to inform you that if anyone knows the English word and wants the sindhi and hindi word then on Search he will get meaning in Hindi and Sindhi. On entering Hindi Word he will get English and Sindhi. On Entering Sindhi word in Sindhi Devnagree or Romanized Sindhi he will get the meaning in Hindi and English as well.  Even Hindi Speaking children can benefit to know meaning in English. So this site will provide words as Three languages in ONE.

    The Sindhis have a rich contribution to make to the thought and life of India and Humanity. We are children of one of the most ancient civilizations of the world - the Indus Valley Civilization.

    This is very unique and different from other Dictionaries being given on Internet or in book form. I have focused on our Sindhi Alphabets ( 52) which are more in number, than in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic or Pharsee (Persian).

    The Sindhi language, like others (Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Marathi etc), emerged from Sanskrit. Because of different parts of the country all Languages got mixed up with local dialects. Sindhi is also mixed up giving it a local flavor differing from each place.

    Sindhi is written from Right to left , like Arabic Script. We refer to Arabic and not pharasee because the way of writing is as spoken (very simple and straight) like Arabic Language. But it is not Arabic as (misunderstood), many words in the Sindhi Language that are spoken cannot be pronounced correctly by Arabic, Urdu, Pharasee speaking people.  It is very unique in its fabrication when spoken. Hence a Sindhi can speak certain words correctly. Few words for example  TEN, GO, Hand Fan, Brinjal, Engagement, Now, paper, Curd, Baaraat etc, can be spoken correctly in only in Sindhi language.  Sindhi Boli (Arabic script) is not borrowed and it is moulded by the influence of Moguls, Arabs invasion in Sindh. I would prefer to say Visits by Muguls, Arabs as Traders not as invaders.

    My point is to encourage Sindhi community to learn more about their language. Here I have tried to give very few words in daily usage which we come across in our life.  Technical or very difficult words are not given. It is just to know / learn the Sindhi language.

    Any suggestions / complaints / clarifications are welcome. Please do write in comments / Suggestion Box.  I will try to make it more user friendly Dictionary online.

    The information provided has been collected from various sources: Members of Suhini Sindhi sanstha and ASHA (All Sindhi Hope Association- NGO) who have participated by sharing ‘pahaka’s’ and other useful words.

    Here I dedicate all this to my Mother and Father who were very keen to speak in Sindhi language.  Hari OM

    Ramesh B. Bhatia and Family


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